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The 90 Day Programme Options

1. The 90 Day Personalised Nutrition Package

2. The 90 Day Personalised Nutrition Package with Advanced Tests.

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Pick My Brain Session

 One hour Skype session for those that have completed the programme or wish to add in advanced testing.

Need support with your role as a healthcare professional either via upgrading your practice or a clients cases

Why Signing  Up for The 90 Day Programme is Right For You


Are you confused about all the latest research in nutrition and simply do not know where to begin?

Are you confused with all the conflicting dietary information?

Have you been recently diagnosed with a disease / condition and do not know where to start?

Would you like learn more about personalised nutrition?

You are feeling good, but know you could be doing better!

Would you like to make sure that you are getting the right nutrients for your health goals?

Are you an athlete and need more support?

Do you feel your eating habits can be improved?

Want to gain access to advanced laboratory tests [digestion, stress, genetic, nutrient, hormones]


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At Maev Creaven Nutrition we offer support through Nutrition Consultations [functional medicine based] that will answer these questions and any more you may have.  Learn more about your Nutritional Therapist Maev Creaven here.

A Nutrition Consultation can be arranged for a time that suits you and your schedule, via Skype, FaceTime or Phone.  

Locations: Bohermore, Galway and Ranelagh, Dublin