The number of consultations you choose to attend is dependant on a number of factors: your health goals, symptoms and time-frame of feeling unwell. We request at least a 3 month commitment  via The 90 Day Personalised Programme. For clients that have already been though this 90 Day Programme, you can book in for a  ‘Pick My Brain’ one hour session.

Your Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation is essentially a gathering of information and assessment, using the Functional Medicine Matrix (model including the Timeline). Functional medicine takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. Maev emphasises the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and client and seeks to give her clients a full range of healing options with an emphasis on healthy living, nutrition, and disease prevention.


Functional Medicine Approach

Maev’ functional medicine approach focuses on nutritional support, hormone balance, adequate digestion, stress management, and movement. With advanced testing, we can evaluate which systems are imbalanced and dysfunctional. Next step is to restore these systems with nutrients, food planning, movement, stress management, and discussions on your environment.

Before the consultation, you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire and keep a food diary (for three to five days). This enables Maev to identify any biochemical/ nutritional requirements and obtain a clearer picture of your current health status.

Step 1: Book Your Consultation


Once you have booked an appointment, you will receive an email with the questionnaire .  Let us know at your booking which package you have a preference for, if you are unsure we can discuss at the initial consultation.

If you wish  to order any other functional laboratory tests  – these are discussed at the first consultation. Laboratory testing are optional and not compulsory.

The 90 Days package starts from €399 .

Testing is only available for clients of Maev Creaven Nutrition clinics.

Step 2: Attend: Dublin / Galway / FaceTime  /Skype

During the initial consultation we work together to make a realistic plan.

This consultation includes:

  • Conversation, questions and comprehensive assessment

  • Learn new ways of thinking and tools to apply to address your health concerns and goals


Step 3: Receive your Personalised Action Plan

Receive within 2 working days of your consultation (email ).


  • Personal Nutrition Plan: Structured outline of steps / phases to achieve your goals

  • Maevs ‘findings / observations’ from your consultation

  • Toolkit of dietary and lifestyle advice which includes recipes, menu plans, movement, meditation/ mindfulness programmes etc

  • Personalised supplement protocol based on consultation or lab tests

  • Suggestions of functional laboratory tests * optional

Step 4: Schedule your Check In

  • Schedule your 20 minutes (phone) check in 2 days after  receiving your Action Plan.

  • Outline the top 5 steps for you to start right now.

  • Break down the findings from The Action Plan

Step 5: Book your Follow Up Session

Reaching your goal of good health is a process. The 3 month programme will help you stay focused and keep you on track. The follow-up sessions (via Skype, phone or in person, will help ease your transition toward more healthful eating habits. Maev has also found that her clients experience a heightened sense of ownership of their programme — and, as a result, greater success.


"Its takes 3 weeks to change a habit, 6 weeks to make a habit and 36 weeks to hardwire the habit"

Sessions can be conducted in person, over the phone, or by e-mail.

Important: To confirm your appointment I request a 20% deposit which can be fully refunded [no questions asked] 48 hours in advance of your initial consultation. The balance is due at your initial consultation. By joining The 90 Day Programme demonstrates your commitment to working with me for 3 months / 90 days. It doesn’t mean you still cant live your life! Lets open up the conversation, please email or call for further details.

The 90 Day Programme


As a courtesy to us and other clients, if you need to cancel or change an appointment we request a minimum of 24 Hr notice to avoid a minimum fee of 50% being charged. Failure to show for an appointment will result in the full cost of a consultation being charged.