The number of consultations you choose to attend is dependant on a number of factors: your health goals, symptoms and time-frame of feeling unwell.

Your initial consultation is essentially a gathering of information and assessment, using the Functional Medicine Matrix (model). You will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire and keep a food diary for three to five days. This enables me (Maev) to identify your nutritional requirements to obtain a clearer picture of your current health status. If possible please submit pre your consultation (email) allowing additional time to review your case.


As a Functional Medicine practitioner, I am interested in the unique combination of physical, biochemical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual components that make each client an individual. The goal is to empower you to achieve maximum function and exceed your goals.


Step 1: Book Your Consultation


Once you have booked an appointment, download the questionnaire (ask Maev which one!).

If you wish  to order any functional laboratory tests  – these are discussed at the consultation. Lab tests are optional and not compulsory.


Step 2: Attend

During the initial consultation we work together to make a realistic plan.

This consultation includes:

  • Conversation and comprehensive assessment using the Functional Medicine Matrix

  • Learn new ways of thinking and tools to apply to address your health concerns

Step 3: Receive your Personalised Action Plan

Receive within 5-7 days of your consultation (email version).


  • Customised Personal Nutrition Plan: Structured outline of steps / phases to achieve your goals

  • Maevs ‘findings / observations’ from your consultation

  • Toolkit of dietary and lifestyle advice which includes recipes, menu plans, movement, meditation/ mindfulness programmes etc

  • Personalised supplement protocol based on consultation or lab tests

  • Suggestions of functional laboratory tests * optional

  • Via email schedule your free 20 minutes (phone) check in call with Maev , ideally within 2 days of receiving your Action Plan.

Step 4: Book your Follow Up Session

Reaching your goal of good health is a process. Consequently, we recommend scheduling at least one follow-up session to review our recommendations, make changes based on your input, and get you started.

Additional sessions can help you stay focused and keep you on track. With ongoing follow-up sessions, we help ease your transition toward more healthful eating habits. We have also found that our clients experience a heightened sense of ownership of their program — and, as a result, greater success — when they continue with regularly scheduled sessions via the 3 and 6 Month Programmes.

Sessions can be conducted in person, over the phone, or even by e-mail.

Full payments accepted on day initial consultation if attending in person. Virtual consultations must be paid for in advance of appointments.


As a courtesy to us and other clients, if you need to cancel or change an appointment we request a minimum of 24 Hr notice to avoid a minimum fee of 50% being charged. Failure to show for an appointment will result in the full cost of a consultation being charged.