Patient Intake Form Living Matrix

To access and complete the questionnaire, please first book in for your initial appointment

  1. Visit this website to watch a brief video tutorial on how to complete the medical intake questionnaire:

  2. The questionnaire must be completed on a desktop computer or laptop utilizing the following internet browsers:

    •   Google Chrome

    •   Safari

    •   Mozilla Firefox

  3. It is important that you fill the forms as completely as possible. To provide you with maximum flexibility, you may partially complete the questionnaire, save the information, and return at a later time to complete the questionnaire.

  4. For us to receive and review the information please submit the forms at least three days prior to your appointment or your appointment may be cancelled and you would be placed back on the waiting list

  5. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the completion of the medical intake questionnaire, please call Living Matrix at [+001] 866-846-7888 or email