Skincare and Products – Harmful or Helpful?

skincare man and woman

Have you ever started to sneeze at the whiff of someones perfume, or felt headachy from a cheap deodorant or after smelling a candle? Have you consider that this is your bodys way of telling you its not good for you? What you apply on your skin has huge potential to influence your overall health. Naturopathic Doctors, MDs/GP, nutritionists, herbalist and acupuncturists look to the skin for signs of an underlying dysfunction.


The skin is the window to your overall health . 


The basics of pharmacology has taught us that what we apply to our skin will be absorbed. Many of the synthetic chemicals found in your products may be  skin irritants, penetrators, and endocrine disrupters.  There is now mounting concern in the EU and worldwide about negative health and environmental impacts possibly caused by endocrine disruptors [found in your skincare products!]

Lets break this down.  My suggestion is use fewer products, and only use the products after reviewing the ingredents and even if you could make 80% of your cosmetics more natural and skin friendly, than more power to you and your overall health account.


Here is a brief guide on what to look out for when purchasing products.


For Your Body:

Avoid soaps with triclosan. Use alcohol based sanitisers instead.

Avoid retinol based moisturisers. If you need alot of moisturiser, I would question your diet first and foremost. A great tip for soft beautiful skin is to exfoliate with a good sea salt and mix in some essential oils. Possible to purchase one already made up.


For Your Hair:

Avoiding products that lists: fragrances, parabens, sodium laurel sulphates would be a good start.


For Your Nails

Avoid varnishes containing formaldehydes. These used to be found in the brazilian blow dry [now banned in the EU].


For Your teeth

Avoid tricolsans, and opt for flouride free[ this is controversial] .



Find the natural make up company that suits your skin texture and needs. Try Barre Minerals,  Irish based Bia Beauty.


There is so much to learn about skincare its a fascinating subject.


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Do you look at your beauty product labels? I would love to hear from you.

Your the health of your skin,