I look at your individual data (eg. via a blood test) and offer sustainable recommendations to support your heath goals.

Maev Creaven is not your typical nutritionist. The services offered are based on your needs, health goals and more. By taking into consideration your current health status (via your blood tests), history (to include family), your blueprint (via genomics), Maev tailors a programme to address your root cause and health goals.

Maev is passionate about helping people live fuller, healthier lives. Click The Process link to learn more about the structure. 

Nutrition Consultation

Bespoke individual nutrition plans.

Through a comprehensive analysis of combining Nutritional Therapy with Functional Medicine, Maevs aim is to alleviate your presenting symptoms by discovering the root cause(s). The consultations are structure around each clients specific goals as you work together as a team. The goal of each programme is to enhance your health and vitality alongside resolving digestive health, rebalance metabolism, hormone levels and energy patterns.

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Other Services

Corporate Talks and Consultancy

I am experienced in speaking at events, forums and radio, as well as keynote sessions; empowering groups and associations.  Offering significant experience and expertise in designing and delivering key messages for consultants, coaches, business executives and entrepreneurs.

Functional Medicine and Nutrition Training

see www.fmcireland.com

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