Corporate Wellness Solutions


Business performance is driven by human performance – one of the most often missed levers. I believe that a lot of the business professionals are only operating at a fraction of their true potential.More than 90% of business executives do not prepare their brain to perform their best for high impact events such as key meetings, presentations negotiations and strategy work.

A trainer would not send an athlete out into an event without a strong nutritional programme, why should business executives be any different? Brain drain, fatigue, inability to sleep are all consequences of poor food choices and driven by hormonal imbalances [insulin, cortisol etc].

I help clients gain energy, mental agility, resilience, and executional stamina to bring their best game to everything they do (both at work and away from work). Its not just a quick fix, there is a need to educate and empower each client on achieving sustainable high performance.

If you are interested in investing in wellness within your company or would simply like to learn more, please contact us and talk to us.

Sample Seminars  and Packages

  • Nutrition Lunch and Learns

  • Eating for Performance Seminar

  • Corporate Challenge

  • Ongoing Wellness Plans

  • Canteen Menu Analysis

Nutrition Lunch-and-Learns

An interactive seminar based on the subject of your choice.

Sample Topics:

  • Nutrition for Busy Executives

  • Boost Metabolism, Burn Fat and Support Digestion

  • Immune Health 1: Difference between Food Intolerances and Allergies.

  • Debunking Nutrition / Marketing Myths

  • Food and Cancer Prevention

  • Supermarket Shopping Tips

  • Sports Performance

  • Keep Healthy Eating Interesting!

  • Which Diets Work (and those that don’t): Low fat, calorie, Paleo, GL, Ketogenic etc

  • Food Prep Demonstration (no kitchen necessary)

Eating for Performance Seminar

Ideal for corporations (or communities) with employees involved in recreational sports activities, and professional athletes.

Corporate Challenge

A weekly / monthly wellness programme that can be organised on a  six week to six month basis. Each session is led by a nutritionist with options to include a life coach and or a personal trainer. These sessions are filled with motivation, nutrition, easy recipes, snack ideas, supermarket savvy, fun and so much more!

Optional add on: laboratory testing such as Food Intolerance testing through blood analysis.

Ongoing Wellness Program

Our ongoing wellness program is designed to improve health and productivity in your employees while providing ongoing individual attention to each participant.

Download PDF Corporate Wellness Promotion Package of some topics covered