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Cheat Sheet: Acne | Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Nutrition Consultancy, Advanced Laboratory Testing, Corporate Health Plans.

Cheat Sheet: Acne

Cheat Sheet for Acne

Cheat Sheet to Banish Acne for Good

100% Natural Solution to Stay Blemish Free – using Nutritional Therapy, Functional Medicine and more.

  1. The 3 Main Causes for Acne:

    1. Skin inflammation

      1. The skin is the window to the health of underlying organs. Address the root cause by addressing det, digestion and liver detox pathways.

    2. Hormonal Imbalance:

      1. Excess sebum production

        1. Acne break outs around your period or ovulation?  Your skin gets a little PMS as well.

      2. Skin cells clog up hair follicle (hyperkeratinzation)

    3. Bacteria – acne thats very pustular tends to be more bacterial. Focus on diet and learn how to clean your face right and keep pores clear.

2. Know Your Risk Factors

    • Genes
    • Hormonal imbalance, e.g. sex hormones and insulin
    • Disease, e.g. PCOS
    • Inflammatory Diet and Nutrient deficiencies
    • Poor Digestion
    • Stress
    • Comedogenic skincare (sunscreens, moisturisers etc)
    • Medications
    •  Environmental

Each of these are covered in the VIP 3 Step Skin Solution Plan


3. Have a Starting Point

  • The best place to start is to find out what your food triggers are by following The Elimination Plan. This plan is also like a ‘mini-clean up my diet’ , and is a crucial step to take in any healthy skin programme. Heres how:

    • avoid the most common trigger foods: gluten, dairy, soy, alcohol, mould, yeast etc for 21 days.

    • My Elimination Plan Cookbook was Meal Planners are perfect aids to take the stress out of your day when trying to figure out what you need to eat.

  • Digestive Health and elimination of waste [urine and bowel] are key points also.

  • For a more indepth approach sign up for The 3 Step Skin Solution.

4. Choose Anti inflammatory foods

Instead of trying to remember a list of anti inflammatory foods, think about the foods that are rich in colour and rich in nutrients, these are the foods that come from the ground and not from a manufacturing plant. Vegetables, fruits and herbs that are high in anti-inflammatories, are high in anti-oxidants , which are the key ingredients when you want radiant and blemish free skin. Best recipes for these would be vegetable curries [lots of turmeric], wild fish dish, lentil soups, smoothies, juices, the list is endless.

5. Nutrient deficiencies

Address any nutrient deficiencies.

Acne and Acne Rosacea are very much assosciated with nutrient deficiences such as zinc and HCL deficiency. I love Zinc Citrate and also request my clients to do a home test for HCl [stomach acid]. There are other nutrient deficiencies which are present but these are generally associated with a digestive issues, leaky gut or a pro-inflammatory diet.

Other supplements to consider: antioxidants, omega 3s, vitamin B, address digestive concerns. Note: not all supplements are created equal! In my opinion, addresss diet and lifestyle, than supplement!

6. Cut out Sugar.

– I know you know this! But whats stopping you from getting this under control! You can do this. So many people have been down this road before. Its all about getting the right nutrients into you body, addressing any hormonal balance, and focus. Have the right little treats nearby. Look into The 3 Step Skin Solution Cookbook and Meal Planners.

7. Exfoliate

Find the right mask for you, use a mask that helps unplug your pores.  Clay masks work well for so many people! Have some extra €: Go to a well known dermalogica specialist!

8. Stress and Sleep Management

Sleep is King. Find that routine! There are some great apps on the market if you cant get to sleep, pop into a  yoga class. M

9. Choose Natural and Good quality Skincare Products

Avoid products that clog your pores – only use non-comedogenic skin products. Do the research!

Dermalogica are not 100% natural BUT they have a fabulous anti-acne range.

10.  Movement and Exercise

Sweat is your body’s way to help you get rid of unwanted waste products

11. Fermented Foods

Fermented foods work really well. Fermented vegetables are loaded with potent probiotics which can help regulate the digestion, support eliminination and keep breakouts and acne at bay.

12. Balance Hormones

Is this your root cause? Diet and lifestyle have a huge part to play if you have PMS or even PCOS. Do you notice cravings in mid cycle or notice breakouts on top of PMS? Best foods for balancing hormones – all of the above. Make sure you diet is free from sugars and following the elimination plan is a great start! Also make an appointment with a really good acupunturist!


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