Are you a student of nutrition, holistic therapy or a new Health Coach, and confused about what to do next?

Are you worried, and confused about all the different ways you can approach your new chosen career?


I was where you are, and I went through my own trial and error process. I learned the value of an experienced opinion I could trust, of a good mentor when it came to my new business.

Over the years I have mentored many friends and colleagues, I love Mentoring Health Coaches and bringing clarity to the seemingly endless choices you have. My intention is to help you to figure out HOW TO START. If you are already business minded or in business already, I move beyond talking about benefits and features and help you upgrade your business by focusing on daily habits and strategies that are in alignment with your goals, not only in business but in the life you want.

» Clarity on your unique gifts and how to effectively communicate your
 message to clients and to the press.

» A step-by-step action plan to launch your new health business to your ideal 

» A comprehensive website review including specific changes to make your
 site more effective.

» Recommendations to the best online resources and professionals you’ll
 need to grow your business.

» Support with social media and get your started, its easy once you know how.

You’ll invest €199 for your private Health Coach Mentoring session.
All sessions are by phone and last 50 minutes [or 2x25mins]. Many new coaches enjoy ongoing support. These sessions are offered at a reduced rate, details available upon request. Are you a student in your new chosen path, please email me and enquire for discount details :