Consultation Process

Maev Creaven Nutrition offers the following services using functional medicine and nutrition :

      • Speciality: Metabolic health therapy, Autoimmune, Digestive Health, Weight, Skin, Fatigue, Prevention / Longevity

      • Nutritional therapy and support

      • Accountability, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

      • Laboratory based tests and standard GP blood test interpretation

      • Tailored supplement plan, education on brands.

      • Practitioners: Functional Medicine support for your clients cases.

The initial steps begins with our Health Assessment Quiz – see Step 1 below.

Download the questionnaire and answer the questions honestly. We will discuss your results over a complimentary 15 minute consultation (called The Discovery Call) to review you current health status and goals.

Prior to our initial meeting, Maev will review PDFs of your most recent lab results (blood work). You must request these in advance from your GP. 

During the Initial Consultation, we will discuss confidentially and in more depth your personal history, your current nutrition and activity habits, your movement, your current environment and exposure to elements, psychological and emotional factors, your family history / genetics and more! 

After the session you will receive your personalised Action Plan (via email) which outlines Maev’ findings from the consultation, dietary strategies with nutritional supplements or suggestions of more advanced laboratory tests.

(NB: The advanced lab tests are optional and not always recommended early on in the session. The tests can examine nutrient deficiencies, food triggers, imbalances, digestive health, bacteria overgrowths, infections alongside your genetics, in order to give you the best possible insight into your current state of health.

Next, you book your follow up appointment to discuss the findings from the Action Plan and create a customised nutrition, lifestyle and stress management plan to address both current, and future health concerns. 

The number of consultations you choose is dependant on a number of factors: your health goals, symptoms and time-frame of feeling unwell and budget.

Ready To Book

How it Works


Before the consultation, you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire and keep a food diary (for three to five days). This enables Maev to identify any biochemical/ nutritional requirements and obtain a clearer picture of your current health status.

  • The time spent gathering information and answering the questionnaires will bring you to your first appointment prepared and ready for next steps. Please allow sufficient time to complete this intake form in detail.
  • Your Initial Consultation

    Your initial consultation is essentially a gathering of information and assessment, using the Functional Medicine Matrix model including the Timeline. Functional medicine takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. Maev emphasises the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and client and seeks to give her clients a full range of healing options with an emphasis on healthy living, nutrition, and disease prevention.

    Functional Medicine Approach

    Maev’ functional medicine approach focuses on nutritional support, ensuring adequate absorption of nutrients via digestive tract, hormone balance, stress management, and movement. With advanced testing, we can evaluate which systems are imbalanced and dysfunctional. Next step is to restore these systems with nutrients, food planning, movement, stress management, and discussions on your environment (home, work, and more).



    Download Health Assessment Questionnaire

    Once you completed the form, email back


    All consultations are via Zoom or Phone

    During the initial consultation we work together to make a realistic plan.

    Your initial consultation includes a detailed overall health assessment based on your current health, past health issues, family history with a focus on cognitive risk factors. Review of your health timeline in detail to see triggers, patterns in your health, and changes with hormone transitions.

    Optional: Initiate lab testing. This can range from hormonal bloodwork, a urine hormone panel, organic acid testing, stool analysis, SIBO breath test, or others functional medicine assessment. As much as possible, testing is precisely targeted to your primary health goals.

    Starting your treatment plan: At the end of the first appointment, you will begin the first step on your personalized roadmap, along with beginning consistent self-care habits. Your body can’t heal if you’re always stressed, not moving regularly and under-sleeping. The self-care basics form the core foundation for your health, so it is essential to begin here.


    Beyond our initial consultation, I offer support to those who want to check in with me on a “needs” basis. Our consultations can focus on a range of topics. It may be dedicated to your personalised nutrition plan based on your ‘Actions Steps’ from the initial consultation. For example I may suggested you track your blood glucose levels or track food intake using Cronometer. Therefore on this call , we can also review your entries offering you tips and tweaks using screen share during our call

    We may also discuss and addresspersonal risk factors – blood sugar metabolism, detoxification pathways, hormone optimisation, inflammation, gut health, activity level and current cognitive function.

    You will be provided with guidelines and resources.

    In order for you to see how powerful nutrition changes can be, I may advise you to track your symptoms before and after 4 weeks of nutritional therapy changes with our “Medical Symptoms Questionnaire.”


    Follow-up visits are booked via the online booking system

    Ongoing personalised care is advised for more chronic conditions:

    Our visits will continue to address your health issues, from a root-cause perspective.

    At each session we review and set ‘Actions Steps’ for you to implement right away.

    We will regularly assess progress – through symptom questionnaires and follow-up lab testing if required.

    Regular consultations can be you move through obstacles and roadblocks as they arrive: acute stressors, travel, life changes, and more.

    The 3 Month Programme

    Reaching your goal of good health is a process. 

    Maev will soon reopen The 3 Month Programme.

    The 3 Month Plan is the ideal way to work with Maev, as it will help you stay focused and keep you on track via regular consultations. Through these programmes Maev’ clients have experienced a heightened sense of ownership of their programme — and, as a result, greater long term success



    “Its takes 3 weeks to change a habit, 6 weeks to make a habit and 36 weeks to hardwire the habit”