Maev Creaven Nutrition has partnered with numerous laboratories which include Genova Diagnostics, Invivo, LifeCode Gx, Cyrex and many others.

Tests are available within packages.

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Testing allows accredited nutritional professionals and doctors gain a perspective on how well your body is performing its job. Just as a mechanic might hook your car up to a diagnostic computer to get more information, a medical doctor and Nutritional Therapist will peer at your blood, urine, and sometimes stool to get more data points to plot a plan of action.
Below are examples of our most popular laboratory tests, please enquire if you have a particular test in mind as there are over fifty tests available.


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This test assists in the diagnosis and care for patients suffering from SIBO and Lactose, Fructose, Sucrose intolerance using lactulose as the substrate. The test provides a convenient breath collection device that allows patients to gain access to this test without having to go to a clinic or hospital.


The breath collection device included in the kits ensures accurate measuring of alveolar air and not room air, thus guarding against potential false negatives associated with other breath collection processes. Within 72 hours the lab will provide a detailed report with the information you need to make critical treatment decisions.

Main symptoms of SIBO are: bloating, gas, wind, acid reflux IBS etc.

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This saliva test can detect imbalances in the daily circadian secretions of the stress hormones cortisol and DHEA. Imbalances in these hormones can indicate an inappropriate response that can negatively impact energy levels, emotions, and many other health complaints. These include anxiety, chronic inflammatory conditions, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, depression, migraines, headaches, recurrent infections, menstrual difficulties, infertility and miscarriage.

Maevs Tips: Best to run this test in conjunction with a female hormone profile, otherwise save money and learn to measure your Heart Rate Variability using a good quality app with chest strape.

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This 16-sample saliva test measures progesterone, estradiol, testosterone, melatonin,with optional extras of DHEA and cortisol.

Common symptoms of this can include premenstrual tension, fluid retention, excessive menstrual bleeding, menstrual irregularity, low libido, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, infertility, acne, and excess body hair.

Rhythm Female Hormone


The new Rhythm-Plus test HERE (includes female hormones plus cortisol and DHEA)


The comprehensive  offers the most advanced non-invasive evaluation of digestion, absorption, gut flora, and the colonic environment. This profile is indicated for all chronic GI problems, for acute bowel pattern changes, and for many systemic diseases and provides a sensitivity panel for treating pathogenic flora. The addition of Parasitology testing will also indicate whether there are any current parasitic infections.

Maev Tip: we offer over five different gut tests, with three different labs. I do not recommend any tests thats are not using the most advanced technology.


By now, many health-conscious people know that your total cholesterol is not as critical as it once was thought to be. We now know that there are other parts such as LDL, HDL etc. But there are different sizes of cholesterol particles and these can now be tested also. There are small and large particles of LDL, HDL and triglycerides. Small, dense particles easily penetrate the arteries. The large, fluffy cholesterol particles are practically harmless–even if your total cholesterol is high.

Is your cholesterol rancid? If so, the risk of arterial plaque is real. Rancid or oxidised cholesterol results from oxidative stress and free radicals, which trigger a vicious cycle of inflammation and fat or plaque deposition under the artery walls. That is the real danger, because when small dense LDL particles are oxidised, they become dangerous and start the build up of plaque or cholesterol deposits in your arteries.

Maevs tip: A must for anyone that is concerned with their cardiovascular health! If you are over 45 its strongly advised that you run a CAC scan for diagnostic reasons.

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This test analyses serum levels of TSH, free T4, free T3, reverse T3, anti-TG antibodies, and anti-TPO antibodies to assess central and peripheral thyroid function, as well as thyroid auto-immunity.

All tests are through licensed, accredited laboratories in Ireland, UK and USA to offer a range of stool, urine, breath and blood tests.  Your test results will be provided to you and interpreted by your nutritional therapist, Functional Medicine MD. With your permission, Maev Creaven may report to your GP.

Most tests are home tests (saliva, stool, urine) i.e. order test through Maev Creaven Nutrition via phone, online or email. The test is sent to your home address where you follow a few short instructions and send the sample off to lab in Ireland , UK or USA . If the test requests a blood sample you must visit your local GP. If you are based in Galway, Maev Creaven works with a number of GPs that are familiar with Functional Medicine lab tests.

Sample Report HERE

Please let us know if you have any questions or queries please contact us on info@nutritioncentre.ie