Advanced Laboratory Tests


Today, as a Healthcare Professional, I see many multifaceted, chronic illnesses that can be triggered by lifestyle choices and by an increasingly toxic environment. Cyrex Labs offers advanced clinical tests for immune function and dysregulation. These tests will be available via Maev Creaven Nutrition from September 2014.

Cyrex Labs helps doctors, nutritionists and patients to analyse the healthy foods that you are consuming, and determine if they are stimulating an immune response in your body.  A gluten free diet is an excellent way to decrease inflammation, and improve their level of health for many people. Yet for other people, sometimes their body reacts to gluten free foods with a similar immunological response.

Cyrex Labs has a variety of tests that are of use when I want to help clients that are struggling with symptoms, even though their blood tests are normal.  Cyrex Labs can test for intestinal permeability, autoimmune responses to gluten and gluten-derived proteins, gluten cross reactive responses and molecular mimicry from gluten as well as autoimmune reactions to a variety of of bodily tissues.

Above is a great video that demonstrates the relationship between what we absorb, and the possible immunological effects that can be triggered within us.  The video can be found on Cyrex Lab‘s webpage.

The Cyrex System

Predictive antibodies – Identification of indicators or precursors
Barrier permeability – Evaluation of blood brain and intestinal barrier integrity
Reactivity triggers – Identification of potential dietary and environmental triggers

Array 1 Mucosal Gluten Reactivity Panel

Array 2 Intestinal Antigenic Permeability Panel
Array 3 Wheat / Gluten Proteome Reactivity and Autoimmunity

Array 4 Cross Reactivity and Food Sensitivity Panel
Array 5 Multiple Autoimmunity Reactivity Screen
Array 6 Diabetes Autoimmunity Reactivity Screen
Array 7 Neurological Autoimmunity Reactivity Screen
Array 7X Neurological Autoimmunity Reactivity Screen Expanded Panel

Array 8 Joint Autoimmunity Reactivity Panel
Array 11 Chemical Immune Reactivity Screen
Array 20 Blood Brain Barrier


Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 00.58.31
Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 00.58.37
Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 00.58.45