Elimination Test

To be clear, this is not a clinical test and there are no costs (great hey?). The Elimiation Test can be the best approach to take when dealing with a food sensitivity (not a food allergy).

For most people, a definite diagnosis of food sensitivity is made by manipulating the diet either by

  • removing the suspected food or ingredient

  • removing a few suspected foods

  • including only a few foods for two to three weeks and then gradually reintroducing other foods, one at a time

  • using an elemental diet – a special formula in which all the protein is broken down into amino acids (the ‘building blocks’ of protein)

removing the suspected food(s) should result in an improvement in symptoms after two to three weeks

The Elimination Test involves the reintroduction of foods one by one every few days while symptoms are closely monitored. These types of diets/tests require a lot of commitment by the individual and support from a health professional, family and friends. The reintroduction process can take months.

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