Heart Health – Homocysteine Test

Medical experts have described homocysteine levels as a better predictor of health status than cholesterol. And as levels can be reduced effectively with the correct nutrition, knowing your level can make a big difference to your health.

Additional Information

  • Research suggests that high levels of homocysteine in the blood is a causal factor for heart disease, strokes and thrombosis. Medical experts are hailing it as a better predictor of potential health problems than cholesterol.

  • The Homocysteine test allows you to easily check your level using a unique home testing kit whereby you a few drops of blood from a pin-prick are dropped onto a card and the membrane within the card then separates the plasma from the blood cells.

  • Simply send the sample back to the laboratory for testing using technology designed specifically for the precise and routine measurement of homocysteine in blood plasma.

  • AM I AT RISK? Factors contributing to high homocysteine: Ageing, Smoking, Genetic traits, B Vitamin deficiencies, Oestrogen deficiency, Alcohol

  • Kidney & Bowel disease, Hypothyroidism, Low physical activity, Some drugs (methotrexate,corticosteroids, fibrates) Strict vegetarianism, Excessive coffee or tea

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