Stress Test


Stress can affect digestive health, immune function, bone health, mood and energy levels and identifying your current stress hormone status (Cortisol and DHEA) is helpful in optimising health through both nutrition and lifestyle changes.



The stress hormone test simply requires you to collect four saliva samples throughout the day, which are sent to the laboratory for analysis. The laboratory will analyse your saliva for levels of cortisol and DHEA, which provide an indication of physiological stress. The results will be interpreted and explained to you during a 45-minute nutrition consultation during which you will receive personalised nutrition guidelines based on your stress profile and wider nutritional requirements.

What to expect:

  • Within a week of booking you will receive a home testing kit for your laboratory test.

  • Take the relevant sample (saliva) following the kit instructions carefully.

  • Post your sample to the laboratory.

  • A Health Questionnaire will be sent to you upon receipt of payment

  • The questionnaire provides information about medical history, family history, and any existing health conditions and prescribed medicines.

  • Your laboratory test results and questionnaire will be discussed with you at your nutrition consultation and form the basis of your personalised nutrition recommendations.

  • If necessary further follow-up consultations can be booked at the normal follow-up consultation rate.


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